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Toy | UFO FAQs

Table of Contents:
What type of batteries does the flying saucer use to fly?
How long does it take to charge the saucer?
How long does a charge last?
How high will the UFO fly?
Are there different colors?
Can the saucer be flown outdoors?
What is ToyUFOs Policies on shipping, backorders, payments, etc.?

What type of batteries does the flying saucer toy use to fly?

There are no batteries required for our flying saucer toy. Included with every remote controlled flying saucer toy are a wall charger for the flying saucer and two "AA" Batteries for the radio controller. There is nothing else you need to buy to enjoy your new TOY UFO. Just charge it up and you're ready to fly.

How long does it take to charge the flying saucer toy?

A full charge of the TOY UFO battery takes around 10-15 minutes, then its ready to fly again.

How long does a charge last?

A typical TOY UFO fight will last up to 15 minutes on a single charge.

How high will the TOY UFO fly?

It is capable of reaching heights of over 80 FEET! Unlike may of our competitors our flying saucer toys use radio control and not infra red. An infra red signal must be aimed directly at the saucer and will only reach about 30 feet. Our TOY UFOs fly almost 3 times as high.

Do the toy flying saucers come in different colors?

Absolutely. We have remote controlled hovercrafts in Blue, Silver, Green, Pink, Yellow and Red. Each color uses a different frequency allowing up to four flying saucer toys to be flown simultaneously.

Can the flying saucer toy be flown outdoors?

Outside is the best place to fly your TOY UFO. It is the only true way to use the flying saucer to its capabilities. Take it out at night; it will light up the sky.

What are ToyUFOs policies on shipping, backorders, payments, etc.?

All orders will be shipped within 7 days (usually 24-48 hours) from time of order unless buyer is notified otherwise within that period. Packages are shipped by USPS and can be tracked from their website Shipping quotes are for Continental U.S. Domestic orders only. International orders will be contacted within 48 hours with an additional Paypal transaction for the difference for the actual cost of shipping. Buyer may cancel their order if they do not wish to pay for additional shipping minus a 15% restocking fee. We will make every attempt to get orders delivered on time, however we cannot guarantee our shipping claims due to use of a third party shipper. Canceled orders are subject to restocking fee for all circumstances. Please contact if you have questions before ordering.

Returns, Cancellations and Refunds
Returns must be made within 7 days of receipt of order by contacting us by email. Order should be returned to us within 14 days of our response. No refunds will be issued if it is determined that product was broken by abuse, neglect, water damage, or other improper use. Only exchanges will be given for a defective product. If a particular product is not in stock a equivilant product of equal or greater value will be substituted. If no equivilant product is available than a refund will be issued minus shipping and handling. If a product is returned or an order is canceled for any reason other than it is not functioning, refund is subject to a 20% restocking and packaging fee. Not responsible for improper handling or delivery time of shipments by the USPS. If you wish to purchase insurance please contact us and we will make proper arrangements.

Backorders and Substitutions
Packaging and products may appear different than pictured. All products are purchased as new and have been tested. We reserve the right to substitute a product with an equivalent product of equal or greater value if a particular color is not available. If there is a backorder on all equivilent products, buyer will be contacted within 48 hours. Buyer may have order fully refunded at that time, or at any time up to one month when order will be refunded automatically. We will try our best to ensure saucers are not the same color and do not use same frequency with multiple orders, however we are no obligated to do so. Color selection subject to availablity, and a substitute color will be sent if original color is not available without notice. Please contact us at if you have any questions before placing an order.

These policies are subject to change without notice.

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